Sunday, July 10, 2011

St Lucia

Oh dear, the FTC are in a spot of bother this week. They have promised that whoever you are, wherever you want to go, they will get you there. It's a bit of a nuisance that a gnome called Wilf has asked to go to St Lucia. They don't usually go there ...

Well luckily, the employees at the travel company were up for a big challenge. They have been researching the country, but then decided they ought to fly over it to see what it was like. At a first glance, this is what they could see.

We might need to go back for another look at some point. Maybe a balloon ride would be better as it's slower and we could get a better look. The employees must remember to take 'photographs' as well next time. We have been checking the weather and comparing it to the UK. It's a bit warmer there!

Meanwhile, we have had another message from Wilf. He wants us to write him an itinerary. I think we can do that and put it as an axample in the travel brochure. He also wants us to tell him what to pack. I'm not sure that's our job! But maybe the other employees will decide that we can.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Interview with a nurse - and a soldier too!

Did you catch the daily news show? There was an interview with nurses from Scutari hospital. The audience asked some tricky questions!

Interview with a soldier

Some letters home to families

The hospital in Scutari

We have found a tableaux of Scutari hospital. Nurses were cleaning the dirty hospital and looking after the patients. The soldiers were wounded and were in cramped conditions. It made an awful picture.

Tableaux from sheli blackburn on Vimeo.

We were able to think like soldiers and nurses in Scutari. Here are some of the soldier's thoughts:

Untitled from sheli blackburn on Vimeo.

I want to go home.

I think my arm is broken.

I'm hungry.

I'm dehydrated.

I miss my family.

Here are some of the nurses thoughts:

I hope we have enough medicine.

I don't know who to help first.

Oh no! Some more soldiers are coming in!

We don't have enough food.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mystery solvers

A strange suitcase has been found in the corridor. We had to decide whether to open it or not. Through our decision alley, the majority thought it was a good idea to open it, so that we could find out who it belonged to.

The suitcase and the contents were very old. At first we thought it belonged to a maid. Then we found a sash that said 'Scutari'. We also found a letter. We didn't know what it meant, so we had to think of ways to solve the mystery.

Lots of research and thinking followed. Mr Parris sent us a message:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Our First Friday Flashmeeting!

During Friday Free Choice some children wanted to try out Flashmeeting! We had a bit of trouble with the sound at first, but once that was sorted, it was great fun! We are practising so that we can talk to our friends in France!

Cheyanne said, "This is great fun, I can't wait 'til we do this again!"


Some of the class chose to create patterns and pictures in Friday Free choice today. What do you think? They used Sumopaint. You can find it in our class workbook if you want to have a go!